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What is a target image?

The image used to launch the AR experience provided by the Launchable app.

What makes a good target image?

Any asymmetrical image, with high contrast, on a flat surface. This includes headshots, logos, printed pages, icons, etc. Bad Target Image: bad image Good Target Image: good image

How long should my video be?

The Launchable app streams digital content from the cloud, so file size is something to be mindful of. You want your content to be engaging and convenient, so we typically guide our users to keep their videos between 30 seconds to 1 minute.

What are Call to Action buttons?

When the Launchable app is used to create an AR experience, additional information may be provided in order to drive users to take further action. When a Link is provided, a web icon appears, that brings the user somewhere outside the app. With an Email address, your device’s email client opens, with the address populated already. A Phone number opens the devices dial pad with the number there, ready to call.

What can happen if I try using a symmetrical image as a target?

There is a 50% chance your video will play upside down, if the image is completely symmetrical. Here is an example: dumbell

I only see a black screen on my Android device. Is your app broken?

With the latest series of Android OS updates, we need to update our app to prompt for permissions automatically. In the meantime, you can allow them manually. If you’re not sure how, follow this guide:

What can happen if the target image is not on a flat surface?

The video that is supposed to play over-top the image can get very jumpy.